Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sorry Wendy!

Okay, okay. I realize last time that I said I was going to try harder to post more often, and now it's been a month! Jeeze! It's been a busy month. So I'll try to recap, and we'll see how that goes. So - December!On the 12th of December we had our first ever Christmas party. It was very fun! We had a ton of kids and friends over, ate a LOT of good food and played some games. The kids decorated cookies. So fun!

Shortly after our party, at which there were many kids, Jonas contracted his first cold! I'm sure there was no connection. Just a coincidence. :-)
His eyes were red and watery for a week or so, and he was pretty snotty. And for the first time of many (I'm sure!), he passed it on to his father and me.

Shortly after that, when we had all mostly recovered, we got to visit with our new friend Laif Rothenberger! He is almost exactly three months younger than Jonas, born on Thanksgiving Day. Jonas was fascinated by him! It was amazing how tiny he was - I've already forgotten that my boy was ever that small . . . and Jonas was smaller than him when he was born!

And one more, just 'cause he's cute:

I'll cover Christmas and everything else in another post!

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  1. Yippee!!! Those Alaska babies are CUTE! Dale cannot wait to come visit. He wants Jonas to teach him how to chop wood.