Friday, December 4, 2009

Thanksgiving, etc

It's definitely harder to find time to write posts now that I'm back at work. I'll try to do better!

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. We were supposed to go to Homer to see Heather and Andy, but Heather decided to have a baby instead. So, we spent it in Anchorage with my parents and my brother. Luckily we had a 'backup' turkey thawed. :-) We had a wonderful meal, then visited the rest of the Anchorage family for pie. The next day we were headed home and discovered that we couldn't make it to Seward because there was an avalanche in the way! We ended up 'stranded' in a friend's cabin in Cooper Landing. It turned out to be very relaxing, and a nice way to extend the holiday a little. Now it's time to get ready for Jonas' first Christmas! Not that he'll really notice much, but I think he'll like the lights and decorations. :-)

While we were 'stranded,' my dad took some pictures for us for our Christmas cards . . . none of these are the final choice, but they are all very nice.

Here we are at the cabin - don't we look like we are suffering?

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  1. I think you should have used the photo of you in the chairs for your cards! :) Looks like you had fun! ~ Jena