Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jonas' first Christmas

We had a pretty darned nice holiday season. We started Christmas a few weeks early by celebrating with my brother Matt, because he spent Christmas and New Year's down in Belize and Guatemala. Jonas was pretty lucky, his uncle got him this amazing blue fuzzy snowsuit. It looks like a mini Cookie Monster suit! It's very warm, and will be excellent for this winter. It's sized for 12 months, but it fits him fine with room to grow.

We took the boy down to the annual Arts and Crafts Fair to get his picture taken with Santa! Jonas couldn't have cared less, and you can see how excited Santa was . . . but it'll be great to have the picture. :-)

We have a semi-tradition (three years in a row now, does that count as a tradition?) of having dinner with my family here at our house on Christmas Eve. We went to the candlelight Christmas Eve service at my church, which is always my favorite service. I love to sing all those old traditional Christmas hymns. Then Nick and I served up a fancy dinner of steaks and Alaska King crab legs, with a homemade cheesecake for dessert. It was absolutely delicious - unfortunately Jonas chose that night to have the biggest breakdown of his little life, so I was a little distracted for much of the evening.
(Sidenote: I'm not a huge fan of cheesecake. However Alton Brown from the Food Network had a 'foolproof' recipe for a sour cream cheesecake - and it was AWESOME. And easy.)
I wish I had more pictures of Christmas Eve. Oh well, like I said, I was distracted. Christmas morning we woke up around 8 or so, and opened a bunch of presents. Which were all for Jonas, of course! His Grammy in Oregon spoils him rotten. He's a lucky boy! Got some fun toys, and books, and all kinds of stuff. The biggest gift is a Jumparoo . . . he really likes it! He made it through most of them, then fell asleep while Daddy was putting the Jumparoo together. Pretty good sport. Isn't his outfit cute? It says Santa's Favorite across the front.

Then we headed up to my folk's house for the day. Took it pretty easy. Mormor got him a adorable sweater set . . . I didn't know he could get any cuter!

Here he is in his Jumparoo!! He gets so excited when he's in there . . . and he's really started using his hands purposefully. We're pretty convinced he's a lefty . . . but I guess it's a little early to tell!

More to come!

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  1. I think Santa has been drinking.
    That is an adorable sweater and hat! Jonas loves it, you can tell.
    Miss you guys!