Sunday, January 17, 2010


The Sunday after Christmas was Jonas' baptism. It was pretty special, a lot of my family members were able to attend. More than we expected! The baptismal font is special too; it was the one I was baptized in a long time ago, and when we moved out of the old church, it was one of the only things that came with us. Then we were holding services in the Methodist church, and when it burned down, it was one of the only things that was saved! So, it has stood the test of time. A couple of weeks before Christmas I ordered the most adorable little baptism suit off eBay for Jonas - of course, it didn't arrive until the day after the baptism! But my mom found my brother's old suit and cleaned it up and pressed it, and he looked so dang cute. :-)

This is the suit I ordered . . . pretty cute! Now it's hanging in the closet, not sure what to do with it. :-)

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