Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Oh yeah, I have a blog!

Ha . . . would you believe I completely forgot about this thing? Poor Wendy. :-)
Life has been good. Jonas is growing like a weed, and learning new things every day. He'll be two next week, which is nearly unbelievable. He's talking up a storm, putting words together into two and three word sentences which I of course LOVE! I like putting my speech and language background into play and tracking his development. He drops a lot of initial sounds like S, socks becomes ocks. He also swaps sounds - he calls our dog Cooper -Booker. Pretty funny!
Jonas LOVES being outside, he's been having the time of his life this summer.

He started off a little unsure.
But quickly decided he liked it. Look at the pure joy on his face!
He got to drive the boat with his uncle Matt - he still talks about that every time we pass a boat on the road. "Boat! Boat! Matt?"

We call this place Pringle Beach - it's got the BEST skipping stones you'll ever see.

Jonas really wanted to go in the water, but I didn't want him to get his clothes wet - solution: nudity! He waded back and forth for a long time, then put his arms back and did a face plant straight into the lake! All you could see was his tiny bum floating in the water . . . I got wet fishing him out. Hahaha Didn't even faze him.
Poor kid CRASHED on the way back.

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