Thursday, June 11, 2009

24 weeks!

Hi all, Jeanie here! We're only one week from the third trimester, with a very peaceful and almost boring(!) second trimester almost behind us. This past weekend we spent some time getting the baby's room all set up; we painted it a nice lemon yellow, and filled it with the furniture we've collected. It didn't take much to fill, it's a very small room! It looks really nice, though, and it will look even better once we get some rugs and curtains and pictures on the walls.

It's very satisfying to have it set up. We still have some organizing to do, but it's looking good!

Our newest development is that we've decided to go to a birthing center instead of the hospital for the actual birth - barring any unforeseen complications, of course. If there is nothing wrong, there is no reason to be at an actual hospital, so why be any more uncomfortable than you have to be? Nobody likes to be in a hospital.

So, everything's good! Jonas is moving more and more, and he's getting stronger. Grow, baby grow!

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