Thursday, June 4, 2009

23 week picture

Hi, it's me again! (Jeanie)

We're actually in the 24th week now, so I'm a little late getting this picture up. Definitely starting to get big! Jonas is starting to take up a little more room in there, getting in the way when I try to tie my shoes and whatnot. Like Nick said in the last post, everything is going great. I feel him move every day now, especially after breakfast, and when I lay down at night.
It has really been a lot of fun being pregnant so far, I don't have much to complain about. Of course, we still have a way to go!

We're slowly getting prepared. My mom helped me paint and fix up Grandma's old dresser this week; it took a couple coats but it's looking pretty good! Especially for such a rickety old thing. :-) I'll try to get some pictures up here, but it's kind of hard to get the colors right. It's got the cutest little Winnie the Pooh knobs on, though.

Well, I know no news is good news, but we'll try to be a little better about posting on this thing. Not a whole lot to say at this point. Even if no one is out there reading this, it'll be fun to look back on later.

I'm off to bed, goodnight all!

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