Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cloth Diapers

So quite a while ago I decided that I wanted to use cloth diapers for our kids, at least when it is reasonable to do so. Obviously while traveling or whatever it'll be easier to go disposable, but I really like the idea of using quality materials for our little baby's butt! They come in a ton of different styles, such as the old-school prefolds, and the fitted cloths that need covers, and the all-in-one fancy pants. :-) I've collected a few so far, but tonight my mom gave us a big box full of them! I'm very excited. They are Thirsties brand, which are fitted with velcro, and then you use a waterproof velcro cover. They are SO CUTE!
I know diapers are a funny thing to get excited about, and I'm sure they'll lose some of their appeal once I've dealt with them filled with poo; but for now I'm stoked.

Thanks Mom!!!

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