Tuesday, March 3, 2009


We heard the heartbeat today! 160 beats per minute. What an amazing experience . . . it's a little early still, not quite eleven weeks, so I was really nervous. But the dr hunted around for a few minutes, and there it was! Just incredible to realize that there's a little tiny person in there! On Friday we are going back in for an ultrasound, to verify the age and due date. Hopefully we'll have some pictures to put up here. :-)

We are SO happy!

This link is to a fetal heartbeat at 10weeks2days, so almost the same age, at the exact same rate (160 beats per minute).

This is almost exactly what we heard today!

(It takes Realplayer; if you don't have it, it should be a free download.)

P.S. Everybody should check out this video! It cracks us up. Totally unrelated to baby stuff :-)
Flight of the Conchords

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