Monday, February 9, 2009

Getting Started - 7w5d

I'm starting this blog so that friends and family can follow the progression of our pregnancy, and then of course the growth of our little pumpkin itself. But, we haven't told anyone yet! So I'm not going to get too crazy on here, until we actually have something to report.

As of today, February 9th 2009, after a two year battle, we are 7 weeks and 5 days into our first pregnancy. The journey to this point was an entirely different blog, which was too sad and frustrating to share with anyone. So this is a fresh start!

Our due date is September 24th. I hope to share highlights, ultrasound pictures, and anything else fun until the birth, then of course pictures. We plan to make our 'official' announcement the first week of March. Hooray!

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