Monday, August 22, 2011


Wow, summer is going fast! We have had so much fun with Jonas this year; I hope we're able to keep him occupied this winter. He has such a good time every day with his Mormor, she does a great job keeping him busy. Like last year, she took a job working at the cruise ship terminal on Fridays, so Jonas has been going to an in-home day care each Friday. At the beginning of the summer, every Friday was a cry-fest. But now it's no big deal, and he actually gets pretty excited about going. It's probably pretty good for Jonas to be around other kids a little more.
So, what Jonas is doing now:

He talks up a blue streak, and almost all of it is intelligible! He's still dropping the 's' sound at the beginning of words, and jumbling the middles sometimes, but mostly he speaks pretty clearly.
He calls himself baby, as in "Baby do dat!" when he wants to brush his teeth or pour the milk or whatever it is you are doing.
He knows a ton of colors: red, blue, black, brown, purple, orange, yellow, green. And can correctly name them 90% of the time.
He's becoming more enamored of CLIMBING, which keeps mommy and daddy on their toes. He's climbed out of every pack n play they have at the day care, but never tried his crib at home or the pack n play at Mormor's.
He still loves music, and loves to dance! He likes to turn on the metronome on the keyboard really loud and jam to it, which is only a LITTLE obnoxious. :-)

Best of all, he's completely day time potty trained! Hoooray! He's been in cotton training pants all day for the last two weeks, and not a single accident. We still put a diaper on him for naps and nighttime, but half the time he wakes up dry from naps!

Next up, 2nd birthday party! Holy moly, how'd that happen?

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  1. August! What a great time we all had last summer. But since it's now the end of January it's time for another update!