Thursday, August 12, 2010

'Cause I'm lazy, that's why!

I've given up on including clever commentary with my pictures. I figure I'll be more likely to upload if there's no pressure to write anything, and all anybody cares about are the pictures anyway!!

We're planning Jonas' first birthday for next weekend, which will be fun! Mostly just family with a few friends and a cake. Perfect! Don't need much more than that.
This weekend Nick and Jonas and I are hiking out to the Barber cabin for the weekend. We used to go out there all the time when I was a kid, but now it's so hard to get the cabin reserved - you have to do it 7 months in advance, and you seriously have to be on it at 6 in the morning exactly 7 months before the weekend you want! Crazy. It will be a ton of fun though. Jonas even has his own sleeping bag!

He's a crawling maniac, and getting pretty fearless with letting go of your hands. He's not walking yet, but it seems imminent. He LOVES music, any kind. Even if you are just whistling, he'll dance along. :-) He's got eight teeth broken through. The last one was TOUGH! And I noticed last night (around 4am, when we were playing) that he was drooling a lot and chewing on everything within reach.

I'm pretty sure he's said a couple words, although it's hard to prove. He sometimes says fish (fshhhh) when he sees his fish mobile, and he was trying to say bird (brrrr) while we were reading a book with birds. He says Mamama randomly, but rarely directly at me! And my parents swear he said banana yesterday, but I wasn't there for that. :-)

We love our amazing boy, and are totally enjoying watching him grow and learn! We'd really really like it if he learned a little more night-time sleeping, but it's worth it. Looking forward to some birthday cake and frosting pictures!

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