Sunday, October 11, 2009

This one's about me

One year ago today Nick and I went rollerskating with our friends and their kids. Actually, I was the only adult "brave" enough to put skates on and get out there with the girls. It was super fun! Until I fell, of course. I wasn't even moving, I was just standing there and lost my balance.

As soon as I hit the floor, I knew it was bad - I heard the crunch . . . or maybe just felt it. My right arm was dangling uselessly, and BOY did it hurt! It took everyone a minute to realize I was down, Nick said from a distance it really didn't look that bad when I fell, but pretty soon they saw I wasn't getting up.
I got Nick to help me get the skates off, and get me up, and then we went to the Emergency Room. In the car I had to lean way forward and just let my arm hang, trying to bend it even the tiniest bit was excruciating. Which makes sense, because once they took some x-rays (definitely the worst part of the entire experience) it turned out that I had dislocated my elbow. OUCH.

The doctor in the ER was able to get it back in place, but she said it was the first one like that she had seen. She had an orthopedic surgeon from Anchorage on the phone, and she had a big medical book open looking at the pictures . . . . haha a little nervewracking for me! She did good though.

Unfortunately once they got the dislocation fixed, they were able to see that a chunk of the medial epicondyle was broken off and 'floating.' The next Friday I had surgery in Anchorage and spent the next couple months in a really impressive hinged elbow brace, going to physical therapy.

Today, I never even think about it. I have full extension back, and can bend it almost as far as my left arm. The surgeon and the physical therapist did not think it would ever be that good again. It's a little weaker and I have a decent scar, but it's in no way a hindrance to anything I need to do!

Anyway, thought I should document the anniversary, especially since I believe that the accident and surgery and recovery set the conditions which led to our Jonas. Yay!


  1. Holy crap, Jeanie! Happy early birthday, btw! Love you.

  2. A good scar is always a wonderful conversation starter!

  3. I still feel bad! But since you think you got Jonas out of the deal. Let us know when you're ready for the next one. Maybe we could go ice skating or something :)