Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Couple of Firsts

We had a couple of "firsts" this last week! On Friday, I (Jeanie) was sitting on the couch with Jonas in my lap, and one of our cats tried to jump onto the laptop in front of me, and ended up landing on poor baby's face! He got a nasty scratch that bled for a while - he only cried for about 2 minutes, Nick and I were upset a lot longer than that! We know he's going to have much worse scratches and scars before we're done, but that first one was pretty traumatizing. For us, anyway! Look how sad he looks . . . haha within a couple days it was healing, and by today I can barely even see the mark. Not a permanent scar, I guess. :-)

For the weekend we took Gramma Moseman over to Homer, and Jonas got to stay in his first hotel! What do you think, does he fit in a king-size bed? haha

We stayed at the Land's End Resort. It was really nice, and super fun! We had a really good time just hanging out and taking it easy. Once we got there we decided to stay two nights, so that we could really relax and not have to rush around. It was a pretty long drive, but Jonas is a champ, he really likes road trips! Unfortunately this time of year most of Homer's souvenir-type shops are shut down, but the weather was GORGEOUS and we really got lucky with some amazing views of the ocean and mountains from our hotel room.
We didn't know it when we headed over there, but the hotel has a pool! So we found some shorts and t-shirts and took Jonas swimming for the first time. He wasn't sure at first, but after a couple minutes he really started to like it! He looked so darned cute floating around in the water . . . we'll definitely have to do that frequently. :-)


  1. That darn kitty! Dale got his first bloody lip today, and I almost cried. You just wait! Boys are crazy.

  2. That last pool picture made me laugh out loud!

    You guys are all so cute!

    More pool time!