Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 5

We are almost through the fifth day of our little Jonas being here. We might, maybe, kinda, sorta, possibly be getting into the swing of it. There are always little things that keep us on our toes, of course. We had a check up on Jonas yesterday - they have to keep a close eye on th early ones. He came in weighing 6 pounds even, four ounces less than birth. That's slightly less than a 5% loss, which is well within the normal range. (They said anything less than 10% is no problem.) They did have us do another jaundice test though. His poor little feet keep getting picked on! The results from that test were not great. Not terrible, but not great. That meant we had to go back to the doctor today to get his blood rechecked to see if his biliruben count has gone down or up and unfortunately it went up just slightly. It's not a huge deal, jaundice is easily treated. They sent us home with a bili-blanket - it's a sort of panel that fits inside his onesie against his skin, and shines UV rays on him. We are supposed to keep it on him as much as possible for the next 24 hours, and then get him checked AGAIN. blah. Oh well, the sooner we get it treated, the sooner he'll start being more alert and awake, and hopefully feeding longer, and start GROWING! (He had gained an ounce back today though! Back up to 6lbs 1oz. Not bad!)

Anyway, besides the minor jaundice issue, we are majorly enjoying having our baby home. We may not have been expecting him quite so early, but we have been waiting for him for SO LONG! And we were as ready as you can ever be. He's amazing and beautiful, and we are completely smitten. It's absolutely incredible, and utterly indescribable!

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  1. Jonas is looking GREAT! Keep those photos coming, mama. We love them.