Wednesday, August 12, 2009

34 Weeks!

Can you believe we're already finished with 34 weeks? It's blowing my mind! Everything is (of course!) going well. We're feeling good and getting excited. :-) Next Wednesday we have another appointment in Anchorage, and after that we'll have to start going every week . . . phew! That's a lot of driving - on the world's most dangerous highway. Blah. Oh well. By the time Jonas shows up we'll be so sick of it that we'll be content to hang out in Seward for a long time. :-)

We're starting to feel a little more prepared around the house, too. We finally got somebody to come out and fix our heater! It's been broken for months . . . and months and months! But it's up and running now, and we're ready for winter. We were starting to get a little nervous about that.

Nick and I are taking it easy tonight, hanging out on the couch, watching a show about football training camp . . . hahaha beginning of the season is always so exciting. :-) I've got a fuzzy orange cat on my lap.
Who can resist a face like that??

Last Friday my coworkers threw us a baby shower - it was so much fun!! We ate some wicked good cake and got a few presents. :-) A bunch of baby board books, a couple of adorable stuffed animals to start off his collection, and a couple outfits, as well as a few other things. A bunch of them got together and went in on a really cool video baby monitor. Hasn't actually shown up in the mail yet, but we're excited to play with it. Gadgets are fun! :-)

Got another shower coming up next weekend for the non-work friends and family. Should be a lot of fun! Play some games, eat more cake. Who wouldn't enjoy that?


  1. That is a great picture of you! and Fergus too of course!