Saturday, April 25, 2009

new toys

We've been slowly collecting some of the larger things we'll need. We found a crib and matching changing table on Craigslist and picked them up last weekend. They are really pretty and sturdy, and turned out even better than I thought they would!

'Nana' Moseman sent us a co-sleeper and a beautiful swing this week also, which is really exciting! I don't have a picture of the co-sleeper, but this is the swing:

Fergus really likes it! If I knew how to put a video on here, I would add the clip we have of him swinging, batting at the mobile. It's too cute! The swing is the same pattern as the carseat we bought - not that they'll ever be sitting next to each other. :-)

The last piece of furniture we've gotten so far is an old dresser. It was apparently one that my grandmother used when her kids were young, and then got passed down through each family as they had kids. So that's pretty cool. It definitely needs some TLC; a new coat of paint will help, and some strategically placed nails and crossbars to give it some strength. Here's a before picture:

Once we get it painted and prettied up we'll put another one up to compare. Should be nice though, the right side is a big wardrobe with a rod for hanging the tiny little outfits . . . :-)

We decided on a Classic Winnie the Pooh theme for the nursery, inasmuch as we'll have a theme at all. My mom found some Classic Pooh drawer pulls for the dresser, which is going to be so cute!

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